Our Custom Flower Bag

This is our most popular option for gifting & our preferred way to present them. Why? because not everyone has the right or appropriate vessel to put their flowers into when they are gifted them.

With our bag, we arrange the flowers to sit correctly, & at the right height to be enjoyed, without tipping, or being too tall..or short. Ready to be enjoyed, and put in place for the recipient.

Of course, these can always be removed from bag & placed in another vessel when received, and we do offer a wrapped option also. But, keep in mind the person you are giving them too, eg, do they have time? will they be receiving alot of flowers & a box would be more convenient? Are you travelling? Are you picking up today & giving away tomorrow? etc.. 

We find our bag works especially well for hospitals, bereavements, or any event where people may receive several bouquets. They are also our best option to keep flowers fresh, especially in the summertime.